Johnny WAHOO! Golf Bar

WAHOO! is a lifestyle. To live WAHOO! is to have fun, never take yourself too seriously and enjoy the adventure loudly. We all know a WAHOO. Maybe it’s you or that friend who makes you feel like fun is just around the corner. Either way, we’re here to celebrate the WAHOOs and bring out the WAHOO! in all of us. Whether it’s a WAHOO! in hand, on the course or on your shirt. However you WAHOO!, just WAHOO!

Johnny WAHOO!

We all know a Johnny. He’s THAT friend who brings the fun. If he’s there, something memorable (or in some cases a little fuzzy) will happen. You can find him muckin’ around on the golf course or WAHOOing with his best friend Holly. 

Holly WAHOO!

When she’s not sinking putts and racking up birdies, Holly is instigating a good time and often saving Johnny from himself. She doesn’t take herself too seriously – effortless on the course and in life. When she’s around, it’s bound to be a WAHOO! kind of night.